We are interested in exhibiting at HGH India 2023 scheduled for Dec 13-16, 2023 at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida. Information about our organisation is given below.

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Mr. Lakshay Sharma
Tel. No. +91 (22) 2421 4111
Mobile: +91 99 676 00257
Email: lakshay.sharma@hghindia.com


Mr. Surender Singh
Tel. No. +91-11-2571 411
Mob. No. +91 96 432 09580
Email: surender.singh@hghindia.com

Mr. Mukesh Agarwal
Tel. No. +91-22-2421 4111
Mob. No. +91 98 213 10453
Email: mukesh.agarwal@hghindia.com